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SINGHA Waterslide - Siam Park  •  Ride Promo Video

HOCKEY AT ACCORA  - Accora Village  •  Narrative Ad

THE STORY OF KAT & DOUG  - ConnectOTT + Shopify  •  Doc-Based Ad

The Social Wallet  •  Experimental Ad

Splashway "Dueling Splash Blasters" Dueling PIPElineBLAST/FlyingSAUCER  •  ProSlide Technology

Gasparilla Inn, Boca Grande, Florida  •. Aerial Shoot  

ELEVATOR MAN  •  Comedy Short Film

WALKING  •  Experimental Short Film

AMERICAN DESCENT  •  Trailer, Feature Film (North American Distribution)

SWISS KEY - A Necessity  •  Doc-Based Ad


PROSLIDE @ IAAPA  •  Doc-Based Ad

WATER COASTERS  - ProSlide Technology  •  Doc-Based Ad 

GOA  •  Product Shots

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